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Getting Your People To Buy In

No, Thank You

When I say “people”, I’m referring to your circle — friends, acquaintances, but most importantly, your family. Have you ever been referred to as the “weird one” or the “on some next level shit” one of the family? While I was never explicitly called that, I’ve always felt that way because I’ve always marched to my own beat, even if it’s off-key and unpopular.


Anyway, my sister is my very best friend. We have so much in common, yet we are as different as night and day — in looks, personality, tastes, you name it. My sister loves “stuff” and having it all around her, even if she has no immediate plans of ever using it. I, on the other hand, look at my “stuff” and immediately feel claustrophobic. My “collections” of candles, snow globes, and unused craft supplies are stressing me the fuck out!

A mere sampling…

So, how do you tell your folks (friends included) about your new lifestyle without offending them? Personally, I’ve never sugarcoated a thing. I simply tell them, please do not buy me any more “chotskies” or “Oh, I saw this and thought of you” gifts. I think sis finally gets it.

While I’m so thankful and appreciative of the caring people in my life, I don’t need or want any more things that cannot be used for immediate consumption. And I feel like an asshole for suggesting things because then it seems like I’m making demands of peoples’ generosity. But my stance remains firm. Thank you, but no thank you…

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The Beginning


For me, it all starts now. I remember talking to my sister about a year ago and she and I were both like, “Yeah, right…”

We were both right at the time. For a year, I talked a good game while still doing nothing and buying shit I didn’t need, simply because I could and it made me feel good at the time.

Materialism and consumerism, for me, runs deeper than just “wanting things”. It is a direct result of growing up not having the things I needed (not wanted but needed), so when I was able to actually buy things for myself, it became my drug of choice. Get a dollar, spend ninety-five cents.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m going to get rid of all my belongings to only own a hundred things because, let’s keep it real: That jut ain’t me! This blog is not about purging my life of all of my possessions, but it will be about ridding myself of the things that no longer serve a purpose in my life and not acquiring new things to soothe some emotional ailment.

With every post, you can expect honesty and transparency. I am so serious about this, and this blog, more than anything, will serve to hold myself accountable. Join me, will you?